My first day in my 60s

This day has not been as I would have imagined, but it was uneventful which can be good.  I met a very dear elderly friend for brunch, took a nap, bought a few groceries, doing laundry and grilled Dog’s chicken treats and my lunches for the week (salmon & veggie foil packs).  The day was much like any other Sunday.  Not a WOW, I’M 60!, but a nice day.  And, the best part?  I received notice that my great-niece went into labor this morning and we are still waiting for Gussy to make his grand entrance into the world!  What a great 60th birthday present!  My prayers are with both Tiffany, the baby, and all of us who are on pins and needles waiting.  Apparently, Gussy is going to be full grown when he says Hello as he is a BIG boy at approximately 10 lbs.  WOW!  And, before you ask, I have no clue where the name Gussy came from. No clue!  But, that has been his nickname since his presence became known.

And are you wondering about Dog’s chicken treats?  Well, let me tell you.  This Dog is spoiled!!!  He is 12 years old and a black lab mix.  And stubborn!  He challenges me to see how long I will hold out and he usually wins.  Dog is now on quite a few doses of pain meds twice a day which he was not having anything to do with taking after the 3rd one.  Nothing worked.  Finally, I started grilling some chicken tenders -completely unseasoned.  And now?  He drives me crazy until he receives his meds and “chicken chicken chicken”!  I just tear a small piece of the chicken and fold it over a pill and he is good to go!  I could grill those pills and he would eat them!  If it came from the grill, he is all over it.  He knows when I grab the grill lighter exactly what is about to happen!  Like the commercials with the dog “saying”, Bacon bacon bacon … this is Dog saying “chicken chicken chicken”!  Is it mine?  Yeah yeah yeah!  And he follows my every footstep.  If I grab the tongs, he just about trips all over himself going to the back door before me to make sure he goes out in case something hits the ground.  He knows each of my movements and how they will affect him.  And that is the story behind the chicken treats.  The homemade chicken broth is another story for another day.

You are going to love Dog.  He is definitely entertaining.  So, grab a snack, nice glass of iced tea and let’s have a few chuckles!


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