AUGH!! …

Does anyone have work hours that begin before 9 a.m. anymore?  I live not only in a triple college town, but a state capitol as well.  When school starts the end of August every year, it does not matter which route you take (it could be an old dirt road leading to Deliverance!), it is going to be jam packed, bumper to bumper with vehicles. And do not even think about getting anywhere in a timely manner when legislation is in session.  That time of year is a triple nightmare!  Not only do we have traffic from all of the schools (kindergarten through college), but we also have legislators, lobbyists, aides, etc. coming from everywhere, oh and football fans!

People, this is a big SMALL town.  It can now take about 45 minutes to go 10 miles.  So, when I start feeling the wrath of the traffic, I find it is time to go back home to Central Florida!  That always makes me appreciate the big SMALL town traffic I live in daily.

Those of you who live in places like Atlanta, New York, Tampa, etc., you are not sympathizing with me, are you?  I did not think so as I am not feeling it.  Sigh …

Oh well!  Such as life.  Go enjoy your day and be safe out there Peeps!  And remember, ya gotta laugh!


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