When Boss isn’t happy, I am not happy!

Oh it has been one of THOSE days! You know the kind – if the “woman isn’t happy, no one is happy” except in today’s instance “woman” is Boss and Boss is a man! And, when Boss isn’t happy, NO ONE IS HAPPY!  The only issue is that I believe I am  the only one that Boss is showing his unhappiness.  Ooops! This could be a problem!

So, I am being very nice, crossing my “Ts”, dotting my “I’s”, yes sir and no sir.   Boss is the last one you want to be mad and you be the target of his anger!  Husband/Wife can be mad. Boyfriend/Girlfriend can be mad .  (Hopefully you do not have both at the same time AND both mad at you at the same time.  Now, that could signal a real problem!)

For now, this girl is tiptoeing …

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