It Is All About Dog …

Dog - Mischievous Look



I do not know what it is with Dog.  He is all comfy UNTIL I am just about all comfy preparing for a nap, watch a program/movie, or shutting down everything at bedtime. Then, all of a sudden, he wants to go outside.  Now, we all know what this means.  If not, then, let me explain it. Short and sweet:  It means that I am nowhere near about to take a nap or go night night.  Have I told you that it is “all about Dog”?  No?  Well, now I have. And, today has not been any different.  Dog and I both are creatures of habit.  He knows my every move and what is about to happen.  Dog is a stalker!  I can pretty much read him as well, but not as well as he can with me.  I have no desire to stalk him unless I think he is about to do something that is going to cause me grief. Then, I am like a Mama Bear with her Cub.  Don’t even think about it!

And that is all I have so far today.  But, the day isn’t over.

P.S. Update on AC issues.  I still do not have air conditioning, but today has been a tad cooler inside than yesterday proved to be.  I had to start using some stored brain cells.  I usually try to save those for work days.  Refrigerator motor is putting out a lot of heat, so I finally got smart, turned on stove vent, put up a temporary curtain between kitchen and living room, closed all other room doors, wear ice cold and wet towels around my neck, and spritz periodically with a spray bottle, which also stays in the refrigerator.  Hand towels are thoroughly rinsed in cold water, placed in ziploc bags and returned to fridge/freezer for next hot flash. Good ol’ redneck ingenuity and being a Florida native (the two go together!) really come in handy.

Break’s over!  I need to get back to melting.

Just remember, Ya Gotta Laugh!

Aunt Maxine

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