Ooowheee! It is still hot!

So, I am going to make this short and sweet.  I have now been without AC since 1:30 Friday morning.  I am hot, tired, and cranky.  And getting more so of each by the second – not minute – SECOND!!!!!    I have electricity so this is definitely not a rant  against our utility lineman that are working 24-7 and coming from all points of the U.S.   In fact, even if it was due to no power, it would still not be a rant against these hard working guys!!  We love and thank you!  Many of our local guys’ homes have been without power while they are working to restore everyone else’s, along with their yards being trashed as well.  Lets stand up and give these guys a standing ovation!!!!

Standing ovation.jpg

(I am borrowing the standing ovation from  Thank you!)

Now, back to the short and sweet- again, I am tired, hot, and cranky.  I will report more later.  Give a big kudos to our utility linemen, staff, first responders, and all others who are involved with trying to get this community back up and running after Mother Nature and her evil sidekick, Hermine, made their unwelcomed visit.

Later guys!  And, just remember – no matter whether you are hot, cranky, PO’d, or whatever, Ya Gotta Laugh!

Aunt Maxine!


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