Wellllll Doggie!

Hoping for AC to be up and running tonight.  Repairman diagnosed a dead fan motor and hopes to have a new motor today.  Dog and I “hopes” so, too!  I have been sleeping with five, yes, I said FIVE, fans running in my bedroom, including having my window open.  God brought some fall-like temps for the evenings just in time! Each of the fans run with a quiet hum except for the cheapo box fan.  It sounds like a mack truck is parked inside with the motor running. Dog refuses to sleep in bedroom. For one, he probably cannot find a spot due to all of the fans and, two, it is too loud. The past two mornings, I have found him in a far corner in the living room.  Between Mack Truck, Little Trucks and my snortin’, I am surprised he is in the living room instead of being back in the laundry room. This may explain why he was not in a hurry to come back inside this morning. Dog does not like loud noises of any kind period and will bark LOUDLY to let you know which then echoes throughout the house notifying the neighborhood as well.  SQUIRREL!  I jumped the track again, didn’t I?  Dog has a tendency to push me off the track.

I sure hope I will be able to sleep without the sounds of Mack Truck and Little Trucks. The last two nights have finally allowed me to get some much needed sleep.

[P.S. I am not sure I want this in print, but…I am ready for COOLER TEMPS!!!   Shhhh…. Don’t tell anyone I just said that!   I am a true Florida Girl meaning, I love SPRING & SUMMER!  This girl does not like being cold at all! None. Zip.  And I love my sunshine!  But, after spending the last six days without AC, I am done with summer (at least momentarily) and say, BRING ON FALL nighttime temps!  I just ask one favor:  Can we skip Winter and go directly to Spring after Fall?  Yeah, I did not think so.  Sigh ….]


Just remember, Ya Gotta Laugh!

Aunt Maxine

6 thoughts on “Wellllll Doggie!

  1. Well, I am the alter ego to your Florida Girl, as *this* Florida Girl prefers fall, winter, and spring. YOU can have the summertime (I vote we skip August altogether–your new birthday falls in September as of now…:).

    Hope your Mack Truck and Little Trucks get unplugged and put away tonight, and you and Dog get that much-needed and much-deserved a/c!


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