Dog Coming in Handy!

Well, I’ll be!  Dog is actually starting to earn his keep after 10 years! Now granted, he does provide companionship, ENTERTAINMENT not only for me, but all of you as well, and he also tends to get more attention than I do at times when necessary.  Let me elaborate if you will.

You remember that Dog and I have been living in the “olden days” these past 7 days .   Olden Days meaning pre-air conditioning days – 1800s.  (Okay, that may be exaggerating, but try living in Florida without AC and you will exaggerate, too!) Well, I lost touch with the Repairman yesterday and was concerned the Olden Days would continue and may have to start over with a new Repairman.

I am hoping I am not jinxing this, but Repairman answered my call!! Yes!!  And he has my fan motor!!  Yes!  Yes!!  And he has me down on his schedule today!  Yes!  Yes! Yes!!   Repairman just called and is on his way!  YES! YES! YES! YES!  Repairman said he made a promise to Dog to get him back in cool air again.  What?  What about me?

Dog will now be my bargaining chip when I am at the mercy of others and The Others are in love with Dog.  Yeah, Buddy, you are going to be my ace in the hole and finally earn your keep!

Just remember, Ya Gotta Laugh!

Aunt Maxine!

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