I Got Nothin’

I guess there are going to days like this.  Blank mind = blank canvas.  Sigh … But, you know what this also means?  It has been a good day with no events!  AC working, it is Friday!!!, nice weather, Dog is happy, etc.  Shhhh… don’t jinx it!  I am going to blame it on this being a less than pleasant week with Hurricane Hermine visiting, sympathizing for people being without power, prayers and gratitude for our first responders and utility people, and my being without AC.  My brain cells need recharging.

In the legal world, there is a phrase we place on the page when part of it is left blank due to having to place all of the content on one full page versus portions rolling over to the next page, which is “[The remainder of this page is intentionally left blank.]”.  You may see this phrase on The Blog from time to time, but I would not necessarily say it is “intentional”.  Giving you a blank canvas is not my or Dog’s intent. Trust me when I say Dog loves to provide entertainment!

So, I repeat, I Got Nothin’!

Just remember, Ya Gotta Laugh!

Aunt Maxine!

[The Remainder of this Page is “Un”intentionally Left Blank ]

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