Fall Saturday Morning & Frisky Dog

Thought I was going to be smart and let Dog direct the morning first thing so I could get to enjoying my workday rebellion morning much faster and less stressful.  You know what I am saying …go ahead and give him everything he demands all at once – cereal and milk (aka dog food and homemade chicken broth (with bits of chicken and carrots), fresh water, pills with HOME GRILLED CHICKEN PILL pockets, Dentastix and GlycoFlex Glucosamine Chewies.


Try to ignore this look when you are trying to enjoy your “Me Morning”.  But, I am doing reverse psychology as this would allow me to sit back with my coffee, laptop with FB, Saturday morning news/foodnetwork shows, etc.  And the cherry on top?  It is a beautiful Fall morning with outdoor temps of 55!  Dog will WANT to stay outside!


(Ignore the time.  I have yet to be able to set this.  Another blog.) He will be frisky and want to stay outside!!! Yay!  A win-win-win!  It won’t be a “My  Mother yelling ‘STAY IN OR OUT!!!’” type of Saturday morning.   Ahhhhh … nice!


WRONG!  Why would I even think this beautiful Frisky Dog Weather would even make a difference with Dog.  Sigh …  This is what I have staring me down 5 minutes of letting him out:




And, if I ignore him (as if I can), he will do a “Come quick!  Somebody’s out here!!!” bark.  Yeah.  Really?  And that usually happens when I am in the shower or somewhere else in the house that to come running is just not an option!

Yeah, I know.  Dog wears the pants in this family.  I just go to work every day to make sure he has his cereal with milk, treats, and appropriate inside temps on a daily/nightly basis.  Sigh …

Just remember, Ya Gotta Laugh!

Have a great Saturday!

Aunt Maxine

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