Yep! I Am Over Winter Already!

One thing most people know about me is that I do not like being COLD! In fact, I HATE being cold!  I am a true Florida native.  Born and bred in Central Florida where the sun shines 12 months out of the year and shorts are Christmas presents.  Unfortunately, or fortunately (depending on how and when I look at it), I moved to North Florida almost 30 years ago due to a transfer with my job. People, let me tell you!  Whoever drew the state lines was DRUNK or on CRACK!   There is no way this part of Florida can be considered Florida.  No sir-ee!  This area should be up north somewhere!  We even get snow from time to time.

Now, most of those “most people” usually just tell me to layer up.  These are the ones that also like to frolic and dance in 20 below zero weather in shorts and flipflops! This Girl likes to be comfortable not dressed like the Michelin Tire Guy!



I don’t see how the Michelin Tire Guy can be all happy and running and so active with that winter suit!  I can’t do yard work in a jacket!

And heavens to Betsy if I was to try to get up from a nap on the sofa or just trying to ROLL out of a chair. You are picturing it, too, aren’t you?




This morning I wake up to it being quite chilly inside. Brrrrrr… Aunt Maxine’s big ol’ bathrobe comes out of the winter closet, ceiling fans off, and check the thermostat and it is a brisk 71 degrees inside!  I check the outside temp and it is a freezing 53 degrees!  If it is below 70, this girl is COLD!  What happened to Fall????  And, I had to run Bluesy Magoo’s heater while driving to work.  Even the seatbelt was cold!



This is why I do not like Fall. Blink and it is gone and THEN?  WINTER!!!!  Freezing!  Yucky air from heaters.  Can’t get warm.  And, the sun rarely shines in North Florida during the winter!  No sandals.  Polished toesies mess up with closed toe shoes.  Depressing… The first winter after I moved up here, I put a dent in my waterbed as that is where I stayed during my free time watching tv and movie rentals.  It was tooooo cold to go outside.  Still is.  (You are wondering, “How do you put a dent in a waterbed?”)

Do I hate everything about Winter? Not EVERYTHING, but most.  I do like that EVERYONE looks pudgy in their winter clothes.  Okay, maybe not everyone.  There are the snow bunnies that would look good even if they were dressed in a knapsack! … sigh.  And the cozy sleeping under several comforters.  You just can’t recreate that coziness during the summer with the AC.  North Florida is pretty no matter what season it may be.  I love driving down the canopy roads and watching the colored leaves fall – I call falling leaves Southern Snow.   And, I revise the words to the Christmas song Over the Hill and Through the Woods to read

1. Over the river and through the woods
To Grandmother’s house we go.
The horse knows the way to carry the sleigh
Through white  color and drifted snow leaves…

(Yeah, I know “leaves” does not rhyme with “go”, but it’s my song playing in my head!)

So, even though it is still Fall, I am already over Winter! Just saying.  Bring on Spring and Summer!


Just remember, Ya Gotta Laugh!

Aunt Maxine

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