Dog & I & Prozac

You think I have been ignoring you, don’t you?  Nope. Not a chance! I have thought about you every day.  Unfortunately, I haven’t had a lot of laughter lately as Dog hasn’t been doing very well lately.    So, at the expense again at Dog, I am finding some humor in what life throws at us.

Who would have ever thought a dog could have panic attacks?  What happened to “It’s a Dog’s Life”?  You know, sleep, eat, sleep, lick personals, eat some more, sleep, more personals licking, chase a squirrel, sleep, eat  …   Humans go to work to pay utility bill while Dog snoozes and stays comfortably warm or cool depending on the weather.  Apparently, Dogs have panic attacks.  Go figure.  Dog’s medications cost more than mine.  I need to calculate to see who is older – me or him.    Yikes!  He is at 91 (He will be 13 in January, so 13 human years x 7 dog years)!  Wowzer!  Okay, fine, living with me has caused Dog to have panic attacks.

Friends and family have always questioned why my dogs start turning gray within the first year or so that I had them.  My reply:  “I don’t know.  My Ex-Hub turned gray early, too!”  I have had two dogs now that have done this.  But, to my defense, both the previous and current Dogs were around two years of age when they moved in and Ex-Hub’s mother went gray in her 20s (whom, by the way, I truly adored).  So there, Missy!

Back to Dog and panic attacks – it seems over the last two months, he started having panic attacks resulting in pacing, panting 24-7 which in turn resulted in neither one of us getting any sleep.  Can you imagine the click click click of the nails on the hardwood floors and the panting … he would lay down, get up, pace and pant, lay down, pace and pant,  and was putting me into a panic attack!!! Augh!  (Seriously, poor baby.  It was breaking my heart.)

Dog has hip dysplasia, arthritis, and is on four medications – 12 pills a day – Prozac, pain med, anti-inflammatory, and glucosamine!  You would think he would be knocked out 24-7.  You try to put six pills down Dog’s throat twice a day while he spits each one out at least three times and you will be grilling and smoking chicken tenderloins and diced beef for pill pockets, too.    Now he never lets me forget it is pill time!  Not to mention, I have grabbed a bag of the smoked beef cubes for a grilled steak salad lunch at work!  Oh yeah….nom nom nom

Well, the reason for today’s blog post is he has been doing well since the Vet put him on Prozac.    Both Dog and I are on Prozac!  Go figure.    I thought I had found the right dosage to prevent Dog from being known as Dopey and to take care of his attacks.  And I had until I left him inside all day today while I went to work.  He flew out that door faster than a pellet being shot out of a sling shot this evening as I was trying to come in!  He comes back in and is panting and pacing mode!  Tongue and mouth were so dry from panting that it was folded over backwards and STUCK! (Think of a night of drinking a very dry wine and you wake up the next a.m. with your mouth glued shut.)  Poor baby.  So, extra Prozac and Smoked Beef Cube!  And outside!

Ahhhhh … peace and quiet – nice glass of wine and we will see how the evening goes.  Prozac – do your thing!!

Guess I need to go back to the drawing board on the dosages.

You gotta laugh!  

Aunt Maxine

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