I Concede!

Most of you know that Dog and I are in a tug of war regarding who has control and THE POWER.  Dog will turn 13  going on 89 human years on January 4th. Talking about a cranky and stubborn dog! Oh my gosh! It is his way or it is not happening.

Raise your hand if you remember that Dog gets homemade chicken broth for his food, grilled chicken or beef for his pill pockets, which by the way he used to love. (You raised your hand didn’t you?) But NO MORE apparently since he has realized there is a pill in each one!!! Are you kidding me? Really? Dog, you have to take 6 pills twice a day. Do you want to do this the easy way or the hard way? Apparently, the hard way! AUGH!!!!!



This Dog is spoiled. Period. And he, I and everyone that know both of us know it. I am reminded by my family and friends on a regular basis – Dog is spoiled. Ya think? You don’t train this dog. He trains you!
Dog spits out his pills as soon as he chomps down on the yum-yum treat and realizes there is a pill inside. He spits out both and then will not eat either one. We are talking grilled chicken. This is the dog that eats the leftover charcoal and the grill brush when I am not looking.
I found where he apparently has been eating a lot grass lately, so I decided to make a pot of white rice and serve some with homemade chicken broth and a spoonful or two of pumpkin puree (canned – don’t go there!) to help soothe his upset tummy as I am sure all of these pills are not being very tummy friendly.
Light bulb goes off in my mind! This is genius! ice and pumpkin balls w/ pills. Nope! Sniffs and walks away. Really? (I am saying that a lot these days. ) Next meal, I decide that since pills are white and so is the rice, I will throw them in on the bottom! Nope! He didn’t finish his meal and there are the pills. I am going to kick his painful butt! REALLY????????
Friends have suggested peanut butter. Nope. Been there. Cheese. Nope. Been there. Hot dogs. Nope. Been there. And store bought pill pockets. Nope. Been there. I mean, I am grilling chicken and beef for goodness sake!!!
I concede. Dog wins. I am over it. I am having to deal with a cranky, little old man and he is not even a human!!!

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