God’s Miracle …


Hmmm … wonder how many of today’s blogs will be reflecting on the past year.  Well, count another one as this one is doing so as well and is more of a long read than most of my blog posts.

I have thought for a long time on how to do this post as I am usually a happy-go-lucky type of girl, love to laugh, prefer humor over doom, etc., even though my glass is usually always half empty versus half full. Hey!  I have references – multiple columns of too many pages to count!  So there!  The last two years have been a roller coaster health-wise and 2016 seemed to be starting off like it was going to be the steep fall of them all.

On my two-year anniversary of stop smoking, I was having a Pet Scan for possible lung cancer.    I could not believe it.  Me?  No.  Not me!  It can’t happen to me!  Slow lines, slow drivers, bad luck, worst scenarios, half empty glasses, etc., yes, but not something this serious.   We are all immortal, aren’t we?  I hate to tell you, but no, we aren’t.  No matter how old we are, we think we are immortal.  We think it won’t happen to us, but it can.  Only God knows what the plan is for each of us.

I had told the Pet Scan tech when the scan had been completed, “Well, it is in God’s hands now.”  He replied, “Don’t worry until you receive the results.”  That pretty much told me right there.  Techs see the bad stuff a lot.  They know.  They just can’t tell you less they lose their jobs and maybe even their license and I would never ask them to put their careers on their line.  And I already knew as I had been having CT scans for 2 years to monitor two nodules in the lung and this would have been my last CT scan had there been no change.  When I received the call that the Pet Scan was being scheduled, I cried, again.  Since being informed of the two nodules, I cried every time I saw my pulmonologist for my follow-ups just knowing he was going to tell me I had cancer.  But, he was always so tender and caring as well as his staff.  He is like a girlfriend!  I love him! And his staff is awesome! They all feel like family.

One of my besties went with me to receive the results of the Pet Scan, but I already knew which is why I allowed her to go.  I knew I would need her.  I am normally a very private person.  I don’t need anyone, but am always there to help others.  I learned differently.  Doc showed us the Pet Scan on the computer.  This new evil playmate in the lung’s playground was lit up like a Christmas tree.  This was not the same playmate as the two we had been monitoring for the past two years.  This new playmate was a fast grower and had only been there for maybe three months.  He was a bully.  I needed surgery ASAP.  No waiting.  Bestie stepped in and took control of my life at that point and scheduled everything I needed.  I had no clue and could not think of anything except work.    I needed to go to Moffitt, but being single with a dog this just wasn’t possible.  Bestie, her parents, my family, close friends, Boss/employer, coworkers, etc  all stepped in and made sure Moffitt would definitely be in the plan.  We had girlfriends’ trips to/from Moffitt and surgery was scheduled for May 3, 2016.  I had been evaluated by a local surgeon and the Moffitt thoracic surgeon, who together with my pulmonologist , and after reviewing the Pet Scan, said it would be a 1 out of 1,000,000 chance that this was NOT cancer.

I had always believed in God, but thought that was enough.  I wasn’t raised in the church due to some family issues.   But, I was still taught to believe in God.  I had started going to church after finding out about the initial two playmates in the lung playground that were found in 2014.  I had always wanted someone to go to church with, but never really found anyone that would and then this happened and a friend of mine suggested a local church.  So, I started going and kept going as much as I could.  But, there was still a distance between me and God, I just didn’t realize it.

I had started praying on a daily basis when I started attending church.  When I had been diagnosed with Stage I Lung Cancer after the Pet Scan, I started praying even more.  About a week before my surgery, I started praying even more intensely and asked God that if He would heal my cancer, I would witness for Him.  I did this every day.    But, I also said, if not, okay.  Just please carry me through this.

On May 3, 2016, I had surgery that involved removal of and biopsy of the evil playmate along with biopsies of four surrounding areas in the same lung.  Dr. Fontaine at Moffitt, my thoracic surgeon, woke me up in recovery  and said, with both his hands above his head, “No Cancer!!!”  The nurses said they had a difficult time getting me back to sleep. Well, duh!

Dr. Fontaine then went to my family and friends waiting and informed them.  They were jaw-dropped shocked. They couldn’t say a word.  They were in tears.  A call was made to my office and everyone was speechless.

I had been granted the greatest gift – one of God’s Miracles.  God had healed my cancer. 

Now, about a month later, I fell and broke my left arm just under my shoulder joint.  This I was not happy about and not very thankful for.  I have lived 60 years without a broken bone and why now????

That is neither here nor there.  You know why?  Because, I realized I had a distant relationship with God.  And His bringing a miracle to my life brought me closer to Him.   And, as I promised Him, I am witnessing for Him.  Thank you God.  You are Awesome!

I look forward to 2017.  But, God, would you mind leaving out some of the medical stuff since you have me now?

I wish for you and yours a Happy, Safe and Blessed New Year!

Ya gotta pray and laugh!

Aunt Maxine


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