You Know It Is Going To Be One Of Those Days …

First, HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone! I hope your year is starting off better than mine!

And, today is Dog’s 13th birthday! Happy birthday Buddy! Now, stop being such a cranky little old man!  (I am thankful that he is doing so well as there have been times in the last several months that I really did not think he would make it to today.  Hopefully, more good and aggravating times are in store!)

You know how you can tell it is going to be one of those days? One thing leads to another to another to another to another … STOP ALREADY!   I wish it was that easy!

Well, this is how my morning started – rather early, too, I might add!

            First, I wake up at 2 a.m. and started tossing and turning.  Now, mind you, I do believe Dog can hear my eyes open!  Yes, you heard me.  I don’t know what it is, but somehow he senses I am awake!  After about 30 minutes, my bladder decided it was awake, too.   Great (groaning emphasis added). So, up I get, turn on bathroom light and I hear Dog get up and start coming into the bathroom! Nooooooo!!!  Can I just have some privacy, please?  Oh no.  He wants to go outside RIGHT NOW.   Stands right in front of me and starts panting.  Really?  Can I finish my bizness first?  Now he starts “THE” dance!  In and out of the bathroom!  Gotta go now!  Gotta go now!  No you don’t.  You didn’t have to go until I got up!

            Sigh … up I am.  Now, bathroom and living room lights are on.  Dog is all excited!  Don’t even.  Out he goes.  I grab a throw blankie and crawl up on the sofa and wait.  About 20 minutes later, I realize he isn’t outside doing his bizness, he is probably hunkered down and snoozing somewhere.  I call him.  Here he comes sauntering over from beside the house.    Get your butt in here now!  More sauntering aka lollygagging.  It is now about 3 a.m. and I am wide awake and so is DOG! Ugh.

            I grab my pillow and another throw blankie and decide I will go back to sleep on the sofa.  I start catching up on the news and FB.  About an hour later, 4 a.m., I am starting to doze off! Yay!  Still about another 1-1/2 hours of sleep that I can catch before the alarm starts.   I barely closed my eyes when BAWK BAWK BAWK BAWK!  What?  Yep, the alarm!  Snooze!  Ahhhh … BAWK BAWK BAWK BAWK!  Snooze!  This went on for way too long.  I am now running late. Period.

            Coffee poured, Dog’s breakfast ready and he wolfs it down while I maybe have one or two sips of coffee and trying to catch the weather to see if the temp will allow him to be outside or require an inside nervous doggie day!   Ready to go outside?  I open the door and NOPE!  He plops down in the middle of the floor.  This dog has really gotten stubborn over the last several years.  I am, like, great.  If temp is going to be too cold for outside, then it means Dog just ate dry dog food with cooked brown rice, peas, carrots, chicken livers/gizzards and his “bizness” is not going to wait for 8-10 hours! GREAT (another groan sarcasm emphasis added!).  I make him go outside anyway so I can jump in shower and get ready for work.

           Well, after shower, I walked to laundry room where I discovered the jumbo Ziploc bag full of what “WAS” newly purchased bags of frozen strawberries, mango, etc. on the floor by the freezer! Yep, the evening before, I had to do a butt up in air to get to the veggie scrap bag to save $2.00 worth of leftover fresh sage only to lose $20.00 worth of frozen fruit.  You realize the strawberries are going to be mush, don’t you?  Well, I threw the entire bag in a huge bowl and placed in refrigerator to deal with this evening.

           I check on Dog and he doesn’t look like he has budged from the deck.   The day just keeps getting better and better and better and I haven’t even left for work yet!!!

          The weather finally came on at a time that I was able to watch it. YES!  Temps are good for Dog to be outside!  And, of course, as I grab everything to head out the door, Dog is all about going outside.  At least two things out of what seem like 100 are working out. Whew!  Now, remember, my day actually started at 2 a.m. and it was already 8:40 a.m. which meant I should have already been on my way!  Not to mention, today was first day of school since the Christmas holidays!  Running late plus traffic plus the morning I am having = not good!

         Needless to say, the morning commute did not venture from the rest of the morning. I get behind not only a school bus, but also a garbage truck on a two-lane road and a huge SUV that is trying to get 15 mpg instead of 14 mpg by going 35 in a 45 mph zone.

         I do the dreaded – send Boss the dreaded weekly e-mail – running late, but on my way! (Thank goodness he isn’t a morning person either!)  Unfortunately, he decides to come in after he said he would be late and his feet hit the floor running when he walked through the door.  My feet were still back at home on the sofa!

          It may be a new year, but some things never change!

Ya gotta laugh!

Aunt Maxine


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