Flying Cars???? What???

Whoa! Nellie! Slow down.  All of my past years have flown by pretty much like they were going downhill on a skateboard and have been since I turned 18 which was way  too many moons ago!



But, technology? WOWZER!!!! It has skipped the hill and skateboard and just jumped off the cliff landing on its feet!




Are you old enough to remember the cartoon, The Jetsons? If not, Google it (your homework assignment).  If so, then you will understand what I am saying.



Never would I have thought flying cars would be in my lifetime. My childhood years involved the 60s which included cartoons such as The Jetsons.  I looooooved The Jetsons!  I thought it was neat to have all of the technology that they had.  I mean, seriously, remotes had not even been thought of at this time.  People had babies which grew into children to be used as remotes, “Maxine, change the channel to 13.”  Now, this didn’t mean we had 13 channels.  No sirree.  We probably only had about 3 or 4 at the most.  And an outdoor antenna attached to our home that looked like a cell phone tower!  Maxine also came in handy with the antenna as well.  “Maxine, go turn the antenna until I tell ya to stop!” If the weather was bad, they would send the brother.  (Yeah!)   (My parents always said children were free labor.)  Yep, those were the days.

I thought my biggest worry on the road would be Pwiuses (aka Prius) and their cousins. But, no, now we will be having cars flying over our heads!!! Yikes! That was close!

Let me explain about my hate relationship with Pwiuses. There is no love-hate relationship. It is a purely hate relationship. Period.  My niece and I have said for years we were pooh (aka a not so nice word) magnets which could attract the wrong kind of people that all of a sudden become connected at the hip, things, etc.  My Pooh Magnet flaw tends to not only attract the undesireables, but also Priuses (“Pwiuses”) and their cousins.   Either I am getting behind every one of these darned cars in my area or these little Tonka toys are multiplying rapidly!!!!  And their family is growing!  Now, Honda, Ford, Nissan, etc., all are getting on the action of Pooh Magnets!  AUGH!!!!!   These little no-go cars I refer to as Pwius’ cousins.  And I call them no-go cars because they can’t go!!!!  We are talking 15-20 mph and that’s gunning it!  AUGH!!! Again!  And I tend to get behind one or MORE every time I put my vehicle on the road.  Never fails.



And worse, my Pooh Magnets have now decided to incorporate more “no-go” vehicles into its group. Namely, the larger and massive SUVs – Tahoes, Suburbans, Yukons, dump trucks (might as well be included!), etc.    I say this because drivers of these vehicles start out at 0 mph and  maybe work up to 35 mph sometime in the next week all to be able to receive 14 mpg instead of 13 mpg.  Now, granted, I used to have a Ford Expedition, but I loved it!  Mind you, it would only get 13 mpg and was like trying to stop a dump truck when hitting the brakes.  So, I do understand, but geez, these are NEW vehicles.  If you can’t afford to drive one, do not buy it!!!




Back to the original subject of the blog – flying cars! You would think that after finding out how much I hate being stuck  behind no-gos, I would love the idea of flying cars!  I did once, but not anymore.  This is a girl who has a 12’ deer stand in her back yard so she can take nature photographs, but have yet to made it to the top.  Why?  Because I am afraid of heights!!!!  This girl does not fly, climb on roofs or up trees, etc.  So, while everyone else will be “Jetson-ing” all around up and above the Pooh Magnets, I will be stuck on the ground going 5 mph behind the no-gos, going outside to turn the antenna and getting up to change the channel on the tv. Sigh …




Ya Gotta Laugh …


Aunt Maxine

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