PJ Party!

Hey girls! Do you remember having slumber parties when you were growing up?  Okay fine, I am still growing up at 60, so let me be more specific – before you were 12ish?   Ahhhh the fun we would have and the shenanigans we would get into!  And don’t forget the boys sneaking over.  We actually had bras hanging from trees at one slumber party.  We have become a little bit more grownup now, so no bras will be hanging from the trees thank goodness!

Girl, let me tell you. Do not ever forget your girlfriends!  I am not talking about boyfriend/girlfriend type relationships. Nope. I am talking about us girls and our girlfriends!  Confidantes!  Sisters by other parents!  Fun influencers!  Now, you’re getting it.  A significant other may not be there tomorrow, but your TRUE girlfriends will always be there with or without the SO!

I recently had a PJ party with a couple of girlfriends and we had a blast! Beer, pizza and the movie, Fried Green Tomatoes!  It was agreed upon in advance that we would all wear PJs.  I am not talking about Victoria Secret lingerie.  I am talking about good ol’ comfy jammies!  If you are going to a girls’ slumber or PJ party wearing sexy lingerie as your PJs, then you aren’t having the same kind of “girlfriend” party and are on the wrong blog!


We loved it! I ran home after work, took care of Dog and all of his issues, packed the cooler with beer, and excitedly changed into my margarita jammies (bottoms with margaritas all over and top with one right in the middle on the front!), washed my face and removed all makeup, pulled the hair back into a scrunchie, slipped on my flipflops, threw Dog his goodbye treat and I was good to go!  Guess I should be posting pics, but nope.  That isn’t happening as that is the whole idea of it!  Fun and just being ourselves, letting our hair down (or putting it up!) and not having to be “public/husband/boyfriend or photo presentable”!


We popped the beer tops, stuffed ourselves with pizza and breadsticks, then piled up and started watching Fried Green Tomatoes.


I apparently had never seen this movie or it has been so long that I had forgotten most or all of it.  I do believe I would have remembered the BBQ aspect of it.  UGH!!!! {GAG}  {GAG}  {GAG}


We laughed. We cried.  We laughed at each other as we were all crying at the same time in the same pose!  Oh yeah!  It doesn’t get much better!  Your girlfriends, confy PJs, good beer, good pizza and a good chick flick!  Girls just wanna have fun!



And it was a girls’ night to remember! Here’s to us!

Ya Gotta Laugh!

Aunt Maxine

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