Dog & Happy Hour

Why why why do I never learn from past mistakes? If there is one thing I thought I had learned and it was not to start Dog on anything new that he MIGHT like, much less would LOVE and result in driving me absolutely crazier!   I do believe he is milking this “I’m old and hurting” thing.

I buy the mini-Milk Bone biscuits which are 5 calories each and break in half to give him while I eat my human food or just for a simple treat. I used to give Prior Dog human food while I ate and that was a HUGE MISTAKE!  I made another HUGE MISTAKE of trying to break her from it when I decided to not share with her the beef roast I had smoked.  That dog pouted and went on a hunger strike and slept in the living room keeping her back to me at all times for 3 days!  You think I am kidding?  I wish I was! On day 3, I couldn’t take the guilt anymore and went home at lunch, giving her the rest of the darned roast resulting in her being happy as could be from that point forward!  I am not sure which is worse – having a dog or a husband!

So, “allegedly” having learned with Prior Dog, I was not going to give Current Dog human food especially from the grill!!!! Well, that lasted most of the 11 years I have had him until he started down the old and decrepit road of old age.  You already know about the grilled/smoked pill wrappers and homemade chicken broth for his kibbles (dry dog food).  Now you can add cheese to those Mini-Milk Bone Biscuits.  Seriously. Sigh …


Dog gets right in my face and will not even wait for me to have 3-4 bites. Nope.  He thinks he should have one for every one I receive.


Um… who is working and paying the mortgage and buying the food here Buddy? Oh well … he is the Little Old Cranky Man getting older and more decrepit.  And I am working on fulfilling his bucket list aka my guilt list.   Lord help me.

Ya Gotta Laugh!

Aunt Maxine!

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