I do not think either one of us expected to see the other.  At least, I know I didn’t.

I keep the curtains closed in the front of the house since it faces the south and heats up fast.   I have thought several times of keeping a pot holder in my purse to be able to open the front door!  That bad boy gets hot during the summer months!  OUCH!

The house was starting to get a little dark due to some dark clouds that were blowing in so I proceeded to open all of the curtains on the front side.  I got a little surprise when I opened my bedroom window curtains!  I am standing up close and personal to a Mama Cardinal sitting in her nest.  We were so close I could have identified her in a lineup of other Mama Cardinals!   She gave me that “What the heck?” look!

I almost cut down the tree yesterday but, thankfully, did not have time.  It is more of a tree wannabee in the making – in other words, a baby tree!   In the last few months, Dog would lie at the bottom of it nestled in the pampas grass when he was hurting and trying to hide from the world.  He made a bed in each of the 4 pampas grasses that I had planted.  He made himself a bed right in the middle – splitting them and looking more like a path.  Emotionally, I was a little hesitant in cutting it down, but knew I needed to before it got much bigger.  I am glad I didn’t have time.  I would have been devastated to find out afterward it contained a bird’s nest with eggs.   This will be great though because I can share daily photos of the babies once the eggs hatch and occasional photos of Mama Cardinal.  I love cardinals!  Red is my favorite color so go figure.

Years ago, before social media and digital cameras, I had a nest of hawks in the back which was located on top of a debris pile that was to be burned and was about four feet high.   I was surprised Mama Hawk did not place her nest in a more secure area.  I would walk down every afternoon and take photos of the babies.  I kept waiting for Mama to swoon down and attack me, but she never did.  One of the babies was a runt and sickly.  I actually watched him/her die and it broke my heart.  I couldn’t wait to get home after work every day so I could check on them and take their photos.

I love hearing birds sing, frogs croaking (which is usually an alert that it is going to rain!), etc.  Having a bird nest outside my bedroom window is one of the perks of living in the country.  (There are a lot of non-perks, too, like wildlife I don’t want to deal with much less photograph!)  I also have a nest on the back deck, but that Mama Bird is a little skittish and ends up scareing both me and her when she suddenly darts out of her nest!  So I have to tiptoe around her.  I have to hold on to the rails when I go down the steps as I am worried she will fly out and scare the doo waddling pooh (aka poop! another southern term) out of me!

Should I turn on the tv so she won’t be bored?

Ya Gotta Laugh!

Aunt Maxine!

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